Smooth Almogrote


Smooth Almogrote

Typical spreadble cream from the island of La Gomera composed of fatty cured goat cheese; to spread with bread, toast, arepas, potatoes, etc. You can also use almogrote in your sandwiches, sandwiches or as a filling for your tortillas.


Fatty cured cheese (milk), sunflower oil, processed cheese: [cured cheeses (pasteurized cow, sheep and goat milk, rennet, lactic ferments (milk), salt, preservatives: potassium and sodium nitrate, lysozyme (egg)), butter, milk protein, starch, melting salts (E-452, E-340, E-331), acidity regulator (E-270), salt, preservative: E-202], granulated garlic, pepper (Capsicum annuum) , antioxidant: Citric acid, preservative: Potassium sorbate; smoke aroma, coloring: paprika extract; hot paprika extract.


Product made by hand, following the original La Gomera Island recipe.
After grinding and mixing all the ingredients, it is packaged in the presentation format. Packaging at a regulated temperature. The glass container undergoes a pasteurisation process.

Product characteristics

Organoleptic characteristics
Appearance: characteristic and typical of the product.
Colour: Orange and red.
Smell: Characteristic of medium intensity and durability.
Texture: Creamy

Recommendation for use
Product ready for Consumption.
Remove before use.

Conditions of conservation
Store in a cool, dry place.
Protect from direct sunlight.
Once the product is opened, keep it cold and consume within a maximum of one month.

Product destination
Suitable for all consumers except dairy or lactose intolerant.
Gluten-free product, suitable for celiacs.

Useful life
A best-before date of 18 months is granted from the day of production.

Suggestions for use

Sugerencias de uso - Untado en pan

spread on bread

shepherd’s pie

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