Smooth Smoked Cheese Cream

crema de queso suave argodey

Smooth Smoked Cheese Cream

Creamy sauce to spread on stewed potatoes, french fries, bread, toast, sandwiches, tacos, nachos, arepas, empanadas, and hallacas, and accompanied with roasted, fried or stewed meats and fish.


Sunflower oil, milk, fatty cured cheese, processed cheese: [cured cheeses (pasteurised cow, sheep and goat milk, rennet, lactic ferments (milk), salt, preservatives: potassium and sodium nitrate, lysozyme (egg)), butter, milk protein, starch, melting salts (E-452, E-340, E-331), acidity regulator (E-270), salt, preservative: E-202], olive oil, modified starch, salt, granulated garlic, ground garlic, natural flavour, antioxidant: citric acid; smoke aroma, thickener: xanthan gum; preservative: potassium sorbet.

After grinding and mixing all the ingredients, it is packaged in the presentation format. Packaging at regulated temperature.
Product characteristics

Organoleptic characteristics
Appearance: characteristic and typical of the product.
Colour: off-white.
Smell: Characteristic of medium intensity and durability.
Texture: Creamy

Recommendation for use
Product ready for Consumption.
Remove before use.

Conditions of conservation
Store in a cool, dry place.
Protect from direct sunlight.
Once the product is opened, keep it cold and consume within a maximum of one month.

Product destination
Suitable for all consumers except those allergic to dairy or lactose or egg intolerant.
Gluten-free product, suitable for celiacs.

Useful life
A best-before date of 18 months is granted from the day of production.

Suggestions for use

Sugerencias de uso - Untado en pan

on bread


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